Monday, July 23, 2012

Another small order.

After a VERY long training the first day back at work (and spending over an hour in traffic going home), I came home to a package!  Yay!  It was my small order from My Safe Bird Store.  

I picked up some more ElectroVites and Avi-Immune for Mika, and added the Milk Thistle/Dandelion Herbal Extract to try out.  The milk thistle and dandelion root is to help detoxify the liver if your bird has fatty liver disease (from a seed-based diet) or liver damage from aflatoxins.  While I don't think my birds have either, I don't know the diet Raptor was on prior to his previous home and Mika was on a seed-based diet in his early years (back when parrot forums didn't really exist and I just listened to breeders and read outdated books).  

Even with healthy livers, it isn't harmful to give so I just wanted to try it since I'm really liking the other Herbal Extracts (Immunity Booster, Pau D'Arco, Relaxation/Calming) I had bought before.  I also picked up a pack of stainless steel quick links.  I always hate making such a small order because I like to make the most of the shipping, but I wasn't in need of anything else.  

As usual, Kathie and Kara included a goody bag gift of candies and foot toys.  This time, they added wicker ball lollipops - they are SO cute!  :D  Thank you, guys!!


  1. I have never used Electrovites, what it this product for?

    1. Oh! I'm so sorry I didn't see this comment before! >_<

      I use the product because Mika's CBC previously showed he's dehydrated. I don't know WHY he was dehydrated, since he's always got water, but the vet had me start giving him elecrolytes for it.