Friday, July 20, 2012

Added to our flock!

Well...  sort of! 

The bf and I went driving around the island today.  Or more like half the island because we were getting tired.  Hehe.  We ate brunch at Kahala Mall and came across these incredibly cute resin figurines at The Paperie!  They are called the "Home Grown" collection by Enesco.  They are fruit and veggie themed animals.  There is something for every animal lover, I think!  Fish, birds, dogs, cats, bugs, reptiles, rodents, etc.

Just a handful of the cute collection!

I instantly fell in love with the mango lovebird (the box says "parrot") and knew I had to have him!  The first thing that came to mind is, "I've got to try to get pics of Mika next to him!"  I'll give that a shot tomorrow or Sunday morning.  ;)


Then I noticed a coconut owl.  I love cute owl things because I call my bf "Owl".  So this one was another "must have" for me.  :D


You'll notice in the first picture that there is a daikon (white radish) cockatiel to the right.  That one is next on my list to get.  After looking the collection up online, there is also another figurine I want to get that isn't available yet but is on order - a "pear" (pair) of lovebirds!!  How cute is that?!  There is also an avocado parrot that reminds me of a Kakapo.  I may or may not want that one.  We will see.

Even the bf thought these things were cute.  He was happy to add this lovebird and owl to our flock.  They are small, they don't make noise, they don't require cages, they don't eat or poop.  The ideal pet to him, I'm sure! LOL

Oh, and I forgot!  Even the box oozes cuteness!!

How can you go wrong?

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