Sunday, February 26, 2012

Novice forager.

Both my boys are novice foragers.  

Mika is still only able to chew through a coffee filter or wrestle with a thin piece of cholla to get to a Nutriberry.  He was able to chew through a wicker lily to get to a treat ONCE, but hasn't done it since.  Even a clear cup with loose leather lid is still too complex for him.  He gives up rather easily and will let a treat stare him in the face for weeks on end - poor baby! LOL  

Raptor, on the other hand, is a bit better at foraging, but still a newbie.  Raptor will chew through a coffee filter, piece of thin cholla, wicker, and now, yucca.  He will also occasionally search through his toys to look for hidden treats - but only if he witnesses me placing them there.  

I am continually working on their foraging skills.  Yesterday, I hid almonds and dried papaya (I'm not a big fan of these but it's one of the few treats he will do almost anything for) in one of his Things for Wings toys that has several wicker and yucca parts and hung it on his Java stand.  He immediately went to work!!

Oooooh...  I see treats!!

Yummy!  Papaya!

Do you have to document my EVERY move?!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Warm Hawaii sun (part 2).

Yesterday we took a trip out again and brought both boys with us this time.  Raptor really doesn't care for car rides but he's got to get used to it!  Here's Mika, cruising in the car as usual (you can see him in the tent), and Raptor...  not caring for the car ride as much. LOL

First we headed out to our soon-to-be new home.  It'll probably take roughly a year to renovate the house because it's old, so we have a LOT of work ahead of us.  We'll be staying in our condo until it's at least near completion, though.  

The boys got to spend a bit of time in the backyard basking in sunlight while the bf did most of the clean up on the back patio and I hung out on the couch, being sick.  Raptor really enjoyed the new toy I made for his travel cage.  I used a Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys stainless steel skewer as the base and added vine balls, yucca, balsa, other woods, and pacifiers (most toy parts came from Things for Wings) strung on green Paulie Rope - colored to go with his green themed travel cage.  Lots of places to forage for treats!  He really enjoyed this toy so that makes me very happy.  :)

Must get to the almonds!!
Foraging toy - I'm quite happy with how it turned out!  :)

After spending most of the day at that house, we went to my parents house for dinner.  The boys got to spend the rest of the day out in the backyard, watching the sun set.  The boys chattered much more than usual...  maybe they couldn't stop talking about how beautiful the sunset was.  ;) 

While we all had an awesome dinner, the boys were served with apple, broccoli, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, bird bread with LOTS of fruits and veggies mixed in, and pellets.  Raptor ate some of his veggies and, as usual, Mika only ate the seeds out of his bird bread.  :P  Ungrateful birds, I tell ya.   LOL

Mika's dinner

Raptor's dinner

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Warm Hawaii sun.

The bf and I went to my parents house for lunch today and we brought Mika along for the ride.  He got to enjoy lots of time out in my parents beautiful backyard soaking in the warm Hawaii sun (with ample palm shade as not to overheat) while I stuffed myself with thin crust pizza.  ;) 

Both Mika and Rappy got new travel cages recently.  They still aren't complete, as I'm waiting for color-coordinated rope perches and toys from Grey Feather Toys.  Everything in Mika's cage will be yellow and Raptor's will be all green to match the cage bases.  Yes, I'm a bit OCD.  LOL

Parents gorgeous backyard.

Mika's new travel cage.

Loving the sunlight!

Whenever possible, we take the birds out with us because it gets them used to being in their travel cages, going on car rides, and being in different environments - it also gives them extra time in the sun.  Mika has been going all over the place with me for 10 years now so he's a veteran and never get phased.  Raptor, on the other hand, is still not completely used to it.  Raptor stayed home from this trip because he often freaks out with strangers and we didn't want him to thrash around in his travel cage with my family being around.  He will be coming out with us tomorrow though and I'll take pics then.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For Natacha and Ming. ;)

Some pics of the boys from today!  Sorry about the quality...  phone pics are just so much more convenient lately.  :P  My poor handheld camera gets no love.  LOL

Such a good little boy!

Can he be any cuter?!

Nom nom...  tasty almond!

I'm still eating.  Leave me alone.  :P

Monday, February 6, 2012

I heart bird jewelry!

Those that know me in real life know I'm a nut for CUTE silver bird and owl jewelry.  I adore earrings and bracelets, but don't care for necklaces.  I have a pair of custom owl earrings I got from Etsy as my "every day" earrings, a pair of bird earrings the bf got me that I wear on weekends, and a pair of owl earrings from Coach that I'm saving for my wedding day.  ;)

Up until now, I had never really found any bird/owl bracelets I really liked - especially in sterling silver - but I finally have my perfect birdy bracelet!!  

My Pandora charm bracelet!
I've seen Pandora bracelets from years ago and thought they were nice, especially since each one is unique to your tastes, but I never thought to get one because I didn't care for the charms they had at the time.  Well, a couple of weeks ago on a whim, I checked their site again and found...................... BIRD and OWL charms!  I was very excited and jumped to create a bracelet.  

I got three birds to represent Mika, Kano (RIP), and Raptor, an owl to represent my bf, and an assortment of other charms that have meaning to me (plane because I love to travel, house to represent family, etc).  The two with hearts are from the bf for our two year anniversary and this upcoming Valentine's Day.  I may buy an extra or two for the "far in the future" birds.  ;)  Just look how cute they are!!

"Happy Little Bird" charm

My bracelet is near completion, only needing maybe 5 - 6 more pieces which I'll get next month during their "Spend $100 and get a bracelet free" promo.  XD  

I have found a new hobby.  LOL

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New to blogging - very first post!

I had contemplated on creating a blog many times in the past but just never got around to it for various reasons, one of the main ones being that I didn't feel like double posting on a blog and on forums.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I haven't been frequenting my favorite bird forums.  I just don't have the time to comb through threads every day right now.  So...  I've created this.  I don't expect anyone to read it, but it'll be something I can reference (bird) friends to when they're wanting updates on myself and/or the flock.

So today is a happy and special day - it's my bf and I's two year anniversary and I got a big box of Things for Wings items!!  What made it even more special was that a wonderful friend, Natacha (blog: Just Poifect!), located in Canada added a couple of custom toys to the order!  ALL the toys are awesome but the custom toys were just beyond cute.  :)

Here are pics from the order:

Gifts from Natacha and a cute note!!  :)
Loves Bites, one in balsa and one in pine, plus flower freebies (thank you Danita)!!

Natural Key Lime Pie

Natural Cholla Chop

Natural Rough Around The Edges

Natural Jolly Rancher (rainbow colored!)

Natural Carbunkle

Super Slim Slab Stack in Pecan and Ocotillo.

Budgie Flibbertigibbets

Little Topiary



Paulie Rope, balsa blocks, paper cord, palm fingertraps, palm box!

Yucca coins, Cheerful Hoop Loops (with extras!), and Flashy Medium Dopples!
The custom yellow colored toys will be going in Mika's new travel cage.  Raptor will have all green in his new travel cage.  They aren't complete yet but will post pics once everything arrives!  I've put the Love Bites in the boys cages for Valentine's Day...  so cute!

Again, thank you Natacha for the incredible gift and - as always - thank you to Danita at Things for Wings for such unique toys!!  :)