Monday, February 6, 2012

I heart bird jewelry!

Those that know me in real life know I'm a nut for CUTE silver bird and owl jewelry.  I adore earrings and bracelets, but don't care for necklaces.  I have a pair of custom owl earrings I got from Etsy as my "every day" earrings, a pair of bird earrings the bf got me that I wear on weekends, and a pair of owl earrings from Coach that I'm saving for my wedding day.  ;)

Up until now, I had never really found any bird/owl bracelets I really liked - especially in sterling silver - but I finally have my perfect birdy bracelet!!  

My Pandora charm bracelet!
I've seen Pandora bracelets from years ago and thought they were nice, especially since each one is unique to your tastes, but I never thought to get one because I didn't care for the charms they had at the time.  Well, a couple of weeks ago on a whim, I checked their site again and found...................... BIRD and OWL charms!  I was very excited and jumped to create a bracelet.  

I got three birds to represent Mika, Kano (RIP), and Raptor, an owl to represent my bf, and an assortment of other charms that have meaning to me (plane because I love to travel, house to represent family, etc).  The two with hearts are from the bf for our two year anniversary and this upcoming Valentine's Day.  I may buy an extra or two for the "far in the future" birds.  ;)  Just look how cute they are!!

"Happy Little Bird" charm

My bracelet is near completion, only needing maybe 5 - 6 more pieces which I'll get next month during their "Spend $100 and get a bracelet free" promo.  XD  

I have found a new hobby.  LOL

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