Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Avian Organics order.

Yay!  My Avian Organics order arrived today!  I wasn't planning on getting anything from them for quite a while because I still have a lot of bird bread and mash mixes, along with treats, from them.  Since we only have two birds, I always make half-batches of everything and it lasts an entire month - sometimes longer.  

The reason I made another, albeit small, order is because AO is discontinuing their organic fruit powders.  I still have apple and blueberry powders from my last order so I wanted to get blackberry this time.  The fruit powders are very versatile - use them in mashes, bird breads, sprinkled on fresh foods, etc.  They are even great for using in human foods and I hear are great in smoothies.  Along with the fruit powder I ordered a mixed bag of Cajun Berry Minis and Mango Ginger Minis and their new fruit roll-up type treat, Twisted Treasures.  Thank you, Doris!!

I gave some of the Minis to the boys in the food bowls but, true to their picky fashion, they snubbed their beaks at it.  Raptor actually just tossed them out of his bowl.  Then with Mika's sprout and papaya mash mixture I mixed some blackberry powder in it.  With Raptor's bowl of sprouts and fresh foods, I added some more Minis and sprinkled everything with the blackberry powder.  Raptor has thrown a lot of the food to the bottom of the Java tree, including the Minis and pieces of Twisted Treasures.  Grrrrr...

I definitely waste a LOT of money buying different kinds of foods for my uber-picky guys but I honestly don't care.  I will keep exposing them to different, healthy foods if it's the last thing I do. LOL 

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