Sunday, July 8, 2012


See this face here?  This little one did something yesterday or the day before that STILL has me speechless!!

I normally change Mika's (and Raptor's) cage liner every day or every other day.  His liner is never really dirty because he's not a messy eater, his poops are small, and he never chews any of his toys up except the occasional fingertrap and wicker part (and even those times are rare).  So when I woke up this morning to change liners I was in shock of what I saw down there.  


A small amount of shredded balsa was sitting on top of the newspaper.  At first I thought, "How did Raptor's shredding get into Mika's cage?!"  There was no way the wind could have blown it in there because the wind blows from Mika's cage to Raptor's.  So I looked at the toys Mika had in his cage.  He has the Things for Wings pine Palm Tree - no balsa on there.  He has the T4W Solo - no balsa on there.  He has the T4W Going to Market - no balsa on there.  Looked in his foot toy bowl - no balsa in there.  I stood back for a second and didn't understand... until I saw the open door staring me in the face.  The stainless steel Activity Bolt!!  It has two slim pieces of balsa on it!!  Sure enough, on the first slab, I saw the cutest little chew marks I've ever seen!  <3

Either yesterday or the day before, my almost 11 year old boy has chewed his FIRST piece of WOOD!!  I am so extremely proud of him!!  Now I need to see if I even have any more of these small slim balsa pieces left so I can continue to encourage him to chew.  I may be out, since Raptor really likes balsa... but I never mind making orders with T4W.  ;) 

Danita's balsa works miracles - first Raptor, now Mika!!

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