Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent orders.

Sometime last week I received my small Grey Feather Toys order and, today, both my Things for Wings and My Safe Bird Store orders came in.  

Normally when I order from GFT I get their noisy, mostly indestructible stainless steel toys.  This time I decided to try an all-destructible order with a couple of foot toys.  So far, I have a foot toy in each cage (neither of them have touched it so far) and the Lil Hearts hanging from the boing on the Java tree.  The others will be saved for a later toy rotation.  Thank you so much, Rebecca!

Lil Hearts

Crunch & Munch

Polly Wolly Doodle (small)

Something Amiss (medium)

Flick Fleck

I always have a hard time resisting toys from Danita at Things for Wings.  Not only are ALL of her toys incredibly unique and beautiful, she comes out with collection after collection and you can't help but at least get a little from here and a little from there!!  In the past, I used to make HUGE orders with her but I've been much better at quantity control - mainly because I still have a LOT of toys that haven't gone through a single rotation yet.  Hehe.  Anyway, the most recent collections to come out are Grandma's Strawberry Patch and Pine Only.  Absolutely adorable!  The Fresh Picked Strawberries have been put on the office Java stand and the rest will be saved for a later toy rotation.  As always, thank you, Danita!!

Fresh Picked Strawberries (x2)

My Little Pine Pony

Palm Tree (x2)

Wonderful freebies!

Last, but not least, the order of supplies from My Safe Bird Store.  Normally I order one pound bags of the Totally Organic Pellets (TOPS) but, this time, I decided to finally just get the large four pound bag.  I also got some more Avitech probiotics, and decided to try some of Avitech's new Herbal Extracts.  I got Immune Booster and Pau D'Arco primarily for Mika, and Relaxation/Calming primarily for Raptor.  Other than that, I got some Bountiful Harvest, Goldenfeast Asian Medley and Bean Supreme.  As usual, Kathie (and Kara) have sent a bunch of freebie goodies - both for bird and human.  Thank you guys!

Good stuff!  ;)



  1. some really great orders you have there :)

    1. Thanks! I always have a hard time resisting cute things, even if I don't need them! >_<

  2. Flick Fleck foot toy is something that I am going to make v. soon. Super idea what to do with those 'maze' plastic blocks.

    I have a v. similar toy (from GFT) to your Lil Hearts but mine has a pink flamingo on top. A little bit different overall, but it is my budgies favorite toy. And I love looking not only at this toy but also at them playing with it :)

    1. Oh, I would love to see what this pink flamingo toy looks like!

  3. Grey Feather Toys: Look under "Small Bird Toys" and on 2nd page is Pitter Patter. It is shown with a little yellow chicken. Mine came with adorable pink flamingo :)
    I do not know how to post a photo here :(