Thursday, June 28, 2012

T4W "Garage Sale"!

Things for Wings, one of my favorite bird toy vendors, was having a "garage sale" a couple of weekends ago to sell off overstock of toy parts and items she had only a few left of.  I wasn't planning on participating because I wasn't in need of toy parts, but was still very curious as to what Danita (owner) would actually list on her site.  

Danita said that she would be putting items up throughout the whole weekend, at various times.  I imagined bird lovers around the world sitting at their computers and cell phones, refreshing the website every few minutes to see what else she's put up for sale. LOL  Heck, I was one of them!!  >_<  The entire first day, Saturday, I was able to restrain myself from buying anything.  I was quite proud of myself!  Then Sunday rolled around and that was a different story. LOL  At one point, I hit "refresh" and a BEAUTIFUL Pet Products by Nature willow coin/fleece snuggly swing popped up at an incredible price!  Without even giving it a second to sink in, I bought it hoping no one else snatched it up before I could finish pressing buttons.  Well, there went my non-participation in the sale!  

Since I bought the swing, I figured I might as well add a little more to the order - you know, to get the shipping's worth.  (I'm sure that is what all of us who bought during the sale thought.)  The next items I got were 80' of coconut rope and two loofah loaves.  After that, a limited number of 12" aspen platform perches popped up so I grabbed two of them for Raptor.  He sometimes enjoys chewing the bark off his willow platform perch, so I thought these would be nice for him after he's done with the willow.  To complete the order, I got two willow coin snugglies. Pretty much everything from this order, except the coco rope and loofah for toy making, is for Raptor.  Mika has zero interest in wood.  

I received the package yesterday and it was heavy due to all the wood items!  The first thing that took me aback was the sheer size of the willow swing!  Danita had said it's 12"x12" but the thing just looks massive.  I anticipated Raptor being afraid of the swing (he hasn't reacted well to fleece so far) by getting the willow toys, a small and a medium.  I'll introduce those to him - first the small then the medium - to get him used to what it looks like.  I'm hoping he'll get used to them - and like them - so that when I give him the swing he won't freak out.  I don't plan on giving him the swing until we've moved to the house next year anyway so I've got plenty of time.  Either that, or I may decide it'll be a communal swing and put it up on the bird room ceiling.  We'll have to see when the time comes.  ;) 

The aspen platform perches are also huge and thick!  Very nice!  I am very pleased with everything I got.  Thank you so much for having such a fantastic sale, Danita!  :D 

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