Friday, June 1, 2012

Birds Favorites Toys.

I recently received my order of toys from Birds Favorites Toys.  This is another vendor on a parrot forum I belong to, but she happens to be closing up shop.  She got herself a full-time job (YAY!) and won't have time to dedicate to her toy business anymore so she had a huge 40% blowout sale.  Well, 40% is rather hard to resist so I browsed through her site and found several items that caught my eye.  ;)  

Raptor has recently been getting into chipping wood that isn't balsa or yucca (very soft woods) so I got these toys to further challenge his beak.  I won't be putting them in his cage until later but I hope he likes them!  They are very cute and quite LARGE!  On top of the wood toys, there was a cute paper flower toy I couldn't resist (and hope Raptor can't resist shredding) and I got a bunch of Paulie Rope for when I make some toys myself.

Margaret was SO generous and gave us a bunch of extras - wicker pieces, different woods, and other natural toy parts.  Thank you so much!!  :D

Blooming Flowers


Working Horse


Paulie Rope and extras!!

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