Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I took some pictures of Raptor with his new toy today.  The Pinelisious is my favorite of the toys I ordered from Birds Favorites Toys.  I was going to wait until next toy rotation to put all the toys in his cage, but I just couldn't wait with this one.  Hehe.  So I put it on the Java stand in the office.  Raptor is chipping and nibbling away at the toy as I type!  :D

Seeing how nice it looks on the playgym, it makes me wish I had ordered multiples...  >_<

Oooooh...  what's that new thing down there??

It looks delightful!

Let me take a little nibble here...

A bigger nibble there...

Time to chomp!!

I love chipping pine into toothpicks all over the carpet for mommy to vacuum!

Thanks, mom!  This new toy is awesome!!


  1. He really looks like he's thrilled on that last picture!

    1. He's got that Poi smile! ;) There are little tiny toothpicks all over the carpet... >_<

  2. How cute he is standing on that toy munching it away!