Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Easter Bunny is here!

The Easter Bunny is here, the Easter Bunny is here!!  ;)  Yes, Easter-themed toys from Things for Wings - my FAVORITE shreddables site!  I got two Fresh Picked Carrots, two Bunny Dingles, a Beak and Baubles, and some wicker parts!  Oh, and some leather parts that I forgot to include.  Look how cute everything is!  I love it all...  <3

Mika has his Fresh Picked Carrots and Bunny Dingle in his cage - and they will remain untouched for the duration they are in there.  Anything shreddable I put in his cage is just pure decoration.  LOL  Raptor has his Bunny Dingle in his cage and the Fresh Picked Carrots on his Java stand.  I was actually surprised that he played around with the bunny for a bit while in his cage!!  

With Raptor's Fresh Picked Carrots, I stuffed the basket and carrots with yummy treats to forage for.  As soon as I put him on his stand he went bananas trying to get to the food!!  I had the hardest time getting any clear photos of him because he and the basket kept moving around from his tugging and chewing.  These are the only shots that came out decent (with my phone, as usual - I promise I'll learn to use my camera this summer!!  Or at least read the manual...  >_< ):

MY basket!  Stay away!

Ooooh...  what's inside??

I'll get you, you yummy almond!

Shhhh!!  What was that?!

Quit taking pics so I can continue foraging, please.


  1. Those Easter toys by T4W are adorable. I was very tempted to buy a few for my birds as well but there has been just too many 'bird' orders lately :) so I have to wait a bit :)

    1. I know what you mean. I have many, many T4W toys that my birds still haven't seen yet!! That is why I limited my Easter order - it took great restraint! ;) The usual me would have bought almost EVERY Easter toy she has listed! I was quite proud of myself for limiting my order that much. Hehe.