Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dream purchase - a Java tree.

I have wanted a Java tree for I don't know how many years.  I never got one for two reasons:  1. I didn't have space in the previous places I've lived and 2. it was just a bit too pricey with the cost of shipping.  Another reason, though a minor one, is because I had never come across a tree with branch placement I really liked.  I wasn't going to spend hundreds of dollars on something I felt mediocre about.  

My "dream" Java tree belongs to Natacha - (last photo).  No tree has ever come close to hers.  I love her tree for several reasons:  1. the branches are multi-level, 2. the branch placement looks fairly "even" to where the tree looks balanced, and 3. it has a straight trunk.  I never expected to find a tree that looks exactly like hers, but I wanted a tree that had those three criteria.  Because no two trees ever grow alike, in my experience and YEARS of searching for "the" tree, I had never found one worth purchasing...  until now.

There was a tree I had been eyeing up on Bird Paradise for several months.  The tree had multi-level branches, the branch placement looked balanced, and it had a straight trunk.  Quite frankly, I was surprised it hadn't been sold a long time ago.  Then the store had an online sale - it was my chance!  I wanted to pick it up during the sale because I knew we'd have space for it when we move to the house next year.  I bought the tree I thought I would never have - even though the shipping cost more than the tree itself. >_<  It was a (bird) dream come true.  :)  I was very happy and excited for this purchase.  Then...

Something went wrong.  My tree ended up getting sold to someone else by accident.  I have to admit I was really sad over this because I had waited years and years and years for my tree.  Kathy, the owner of Bird Paradise, is such a wonderful woman to work with and she took it upon herself to personally make this right.  She went to her warehouse, keeping my criteria in mind, and sent me pics of some trees she thought I would like and were not on the website.  Out of the pics she sent me, one jumped out at me even more than the original tree I had bought.  This tree was amazing!!  I loved this tree even more and it made me happy that my original tree had been sold - otherwise I would never have known about this one!  Kathy did an excellent job of making her customer happy. :)  My tree was on its way to me when...

Something else went wrong! LOL  The tracking showed the package had reached Honolulu and then nothing.  Days and days went by without delivery.  Kathy had UPS put a tracer on the tracking number to find out what happened.  More than a week passed without any word from UPS so I had begun to lose hope.  It turns out my package somehow got rerouted back to the mainland!  So after a long journey of back and forth, it arrived this past Friday.  I could not be happier with the tree.  I love it - just as much as I love Natacha's. 

The new Java tree!

Raptor exploring.

He loves boings.

Nom nom nom.

Lots of play space!

Now, I'm on the lookout for one more Java tabletop stand and I will be done.  I'm constantly keeping my eye out for one with branch placement I like. :)


  1. I have not bought a tree stand for the same reasons. Those I could afford are not something my birds would enjoy (branch position not bird-friendly). We all know that they will want to stay at the heighest level/perch (it's their survival instinct) so a tree like yours seems perfect because its branches are almost at the same level = they will use the entire tree area.
    Of note, Maya, I am following your blog and loving it. Thank you for this.

    1. I think the key to getting birds to use different areas of anything - whether it be levels of a play gym or cage - is to offer things they will want to do at those levels.

      I know so many people who have what I call "top half syndrome" where they have everything for their birds only in the top half of the cage and the bottom half is BARE. I find that to be such a waste of space. I put things throughout my cages so that there is something to do from top to bottom, left to right, front to back. My birds don't limit themselves to ONLY staying at the top because of this. Their final resting spot is definitely always at the top but, throughout the day, I see them hanging out at a variety of levels within the cage.

      Same goes for the play gyms. Have things that are enticing for them so they will WANT to go to the different leveled perches. :)

      Thanks for the compliment, Anneka!

  2. Yay for finally getting the tree! I'm happy it made it's way safely to you in the end!

    1. I know!! I'm glad it's here. I love it so much!! :)