Sunday, February 26, 2012

Novice forager.

Both my boys are novice foragers.  

Mika is still only able to chew through a coffee filter or wrestle with a thin piece of cholla to get to a Nutriberry.  He was able to chew through a wicker lily to get to a treat ONCE, but hasn't done it since.  Even a clear cup with loose leather lid is still too complex for him.  He gives up rather easily and will let a treat stare him in the face for weeks on end - poor baby! LOL  

Raptor, on the other hand, is a bit better at foraging, but still a newbie.  Raptor will chew through a coffee filter, piece of thin cholla, wicker, and now, yucca.  He will also occasionally search through his toys to look for hidden treats - but only if he witnesses me placing them there.  

I am continually working on their foraging skills.  Yesterday, I hid almonds and dried papaya (I'm not a big fan of these but it's one of the few treats he will do almost anything for) in one of his Things for Wings toys that has several wicker and yucca parts and hung it on his Java stand.  He immediately went to work!!

Oooooh...  I see treats!!

Yummy!  Papaya!

Do you have to document my EVERY move?!

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