Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 4th bird-day, Rappy!

Today is Raptor's 4th birthday!!  As with Mika's birthday earlier this month, there wasn't a huge celebration (since every day is their birthday in this house).  We showered Rappy with a lot of attention and all his favorite treats.  I even gave him an extra organic almond, since he loves those SO much! I tried getting more pictures of him but he is so much harder to photograph than Mika.  Raptor rarely stays still for photos.  This was the best birthday shot I could get - the rest were blurry or his face was away from the camera.  >_<

What a great birthday surprise that the medium Java stand I ordered from My Safe Bird Store as Mika and Raptor's combination birthday gift arrived TODAY rather than the 22nd like scheduled.  As usual, there was a bag of TREATS for the hoomans of the house from Kathie (thank you for feeding my fat!! LOL).  We really don't have room for another playgym where we are right now so I have it tucked away in my old bedroom at my parents house until we get to the house early next year.  ;)  

I also ordered a medium ScooterZ tent for him in a pretty shade of green.  Mika absolutely loves sleep tents but Raptor has always been weary of big fabric things and preferred to sleep on a platform perch.  I thought I'd give it another go and try a tent again just because.  I really would love for him to tuck himself into a tent to sleep.  Mika is always so warm and cozy in his.  I want Rappy to be warm and cozy at sleep time too!

Happy birthday, our stubborn, bitey, aggressive, bundle of fierceness!  Mommy loves you very much...  even though you just tolerate me.  ;)


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    1. Thank you!! It's a shame he doesn't have his Canadian Poi-Posse to celebrate with. ;)