Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BIRDYlicious Creations.

A member on a bird forum I'm a member of recently started her own "noisy" toy (bells, chains, beads, etc) making business called BIRDYlicious Creations.  Normally I don't really stray from my tried and true Grey Feather Toys when it comes to noisy toys but I found several toys I thought were cute - and they came with the option of being made in stainless steel.  She is having a Grand Opening sale as well, so I figured I'd give her toys a shot!  

All four of these toys are for Mika, since he's the one that likes chains and bells.  (Not to leave Raptor out, he's got some toys from yet another new vendor that is currently processing - will blog when they arrive.)  Teasha, the owner, was extremely accommodating and answered any questions I had.  She was even wonderful enough to take my color requests.  These were all made with the s/s option.

Big Squeak

Pond Life

Chime N' Tug

Garden Cup

I'll probably put these toys in Mika's cage come next toy rotation.  I hope he likes them!  :)  Thank you very much, Teasha!!


  1. And why did you have to post about another bird store, huh?
    Guess, time to do more shopping! ... again.

    Those look adorable.

    1. Haha! Did you end up getting stuff from Things for Wings? She's got a cute new Strawberry Patch and Pine Only collection.

  2. Had to take a break from T4W because other stores were calling me. Gee, did I spent a lot lately on bird toys and parts too. Yes, I saw their new strawberry Patch toys. They are adorable but I somewhat resisted.

    If I go with this speed, I will have to upgrade from a big plastic bin of toys and 3 shoe-size boxes of parts to yet anther bin for toys. I thought that staying away from AA and their Marketplace would help but there is still your blog and Coco's.... and you both are very helpful with trying not to buy toys.... noooooooooooooo.

    BTW, I was wondering why I have not been getting any updates/followups when I post a comment here. Aha! Now I know that I have to click on Subscribe.

    1. I know what you mean. Not only do I have two three-drawer chests full of toys, I have two huge Rubbermaid containers full. More than half the toys haven't seen the light of day yet! LOL

      The Marketplace is the only place I go to on occasion because I'm always on the lookout for cute new toys. Yes, I am a toy addict. LOL

  3. I bought Pond Life and Big Squeak :))) My lovebird and budgies like noise making toys and I for some reason love acrylic toys, maybe because such toys do not make mess :)

    1. I think the Big Squeak is my favorite of her toys. It's just really simple and cute.