Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homemade swings.

Natacha guessed right!  I ordered more s/s skewers to make swings for the boys!  Not just any swings, though...  foraging swings.  I know Raptor will love having yet another place to retrieve treats from, while Mika will just let the treats stare him in the face if he can't get to them within the first minute or so.  :P

I color coordinated the swings - blue to match Raptor's boing and yellow to match Mika's boing.  We all know I love color coordination!!  ;)  We used gum tree branches as the swing base, and added wicker, clear cups, paper cups, etc. to the skewers for foraging opportunities.

Here is the end product of Raptor's swing:

Right side

Left side

Here is Mika's swing:

Right side

Left side

Mika on his new swing!


  1. They are awesome!
    Might just have to "borrow" the idea ;)

    1. By all means, go ahead!! I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this... I just wanted something I could change around on a whim, rather than buy a bunch of different swings right now.