Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grey Feather Toys!

Since June or July, all bird-related hardware had been changed over to s/s.  Why?  While s/s is the only "bird-safe" metal used to make bird toys, that isn't the primary reason I made the switch (neither of our boys chew or even beak metal so that was not a concern).  I switched over because I found nickel-plated toys to either develop rust spots or get that yucky white cloudy film over them rather quickly.  I have to sanitize our birds toys, especially Mika's, quite often because of Mika's weak immune system so that tended to speed up the rust spot/cloudy film process.  

This past summer Mika was very sick and had to stay at the vet for five days.  Rather than sanitize all his things yet again, I tossed it ALL out.  My vet had said as long as I sanitized well enough, the gram negative bacteria should die and illness shouldn't recur again...but I was paranoid and did not want to chance it.  All I kept thinking was, "What if I miss something??"  I threw away garbage bags full of toys, perches, boings, etc.  I even got rid of his cage, which was only eight months old and still basically brand spankin' new.  

When I started anew, I decided to go with all s/s items because I got tired of throwing things away at the first sign of a rust spot or that cloudy film (I am anal).  Yes, s/s stuff is much more expensive in the short run but, in the long run, well worth it as I won't have to toss toys and other items out as frequently.  These s/s items should last a LONG time.


My favorite place to shop for non-destructible bird toys is Grey Feather Toys.  Not only are their toys extremely unique and fun, they are all 100% stainless steel (s/s).  Mika, my non-toy player, actually likes quite a few of their toys so they will have me as a customer for life!  

Rebecca at GFT is so wonderful.  She is always happy to cater to my annoying color and tweak requests.  This time around, I ordered custom 15" rope perches and toys in yellow/clear and green/clear to match Mika and Raptor's travel cages, respectively.  

Mika's 1/2" perch and Raptor's 7/8" perch.

Mika is a big fan of the Baby Possession and Groovaliscious, of which he has four of each now (in different colors)!  He loves the dangling chains and will nap with the chains draped over his back.  Sometimes he'll grip a chain with one foot and nap that way too.  So cute!!  ^_^  Since GFT doesn't carry clear extra small pacifiers, Danita at Things for Wings was kind enough to send me some so I could have my Baby Possession look exactly how I wanted.

Mika's Baby Possession

Mika's altered Groovaliscious (stars rather than pacifiers)

Mika's Tinker Bell

Raptor isn't a big fan of non-destructible toys, but I'm an advocate for variety so I got this toy (I <3 the pleasant sound it makes!) to go along with the green and clear Tinker Bell I already have in the travel cage.

Raptor's Dingaling

I'll have everything set up and will take photos tomorrow.  I am LOVING how they look and I am so glad that their travel cages will now be complete!!  :)


  1. This might be my next toy order - from Grey Feather Toys.
    I like your yellow toys (my favorite color).

    1. Thanks! If you haven't gotten anything from GFT yet, I highly recommend it!! 95% of my birds non-destructibles are Grey Feather Toys! The other 5% is from Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys or Cavalier Bird Toys.