Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Avian Organics Bird Bannock.

I had bought several different bird breads from Avian Organics back in December.  Neither of my boys like bird bread, but that doesn't stop me from trying to get them to eat it. LOL  In the order I bought Bird Bannock, Flatbread Fusions with blueberry powder, Calypso Carrot Bird Bread, and Papaya Berry Bird Bread - along with a few other items.  

I decided to make some of the Bird Bannock today.  I only need to use half a bag to make a batch that lasts me roughly three weeks to a month because I add so many other things to it.  Here is what I added to the Bird Bannock mixture, along with an organic egg and a little water:

Avian Organics blueberry and apple powders, organic nuts, Harrison's pellets, Totally Organic Pellets, dried sweet potato, organic fruit and veggie pulp and juice, Just Veggies, red palm oil, seed mixture.
The reason I add a lot of seed to the mixture is because neither of the boys will go NEAR bird bread unless there's a ton of seed in it.  I honestly don't think they ingest any of the "bread" part, but we're still in the phase of them just going near food they normally wouldn't touch with a ten foot perch (HA!).  I do hope, eventually, that they will eat the bird bread without leaving everything but the seeds behind.  >_<

Here is the mixture ready to be put in the pan:

And here is the finished product!  Nice and golden brown, cooling down and cut into individual portions.

Cooling on the stove.

I had added so much "extras" this time around that not all of it would fit into my bird bread container for the freezer and freezer space is limited...  so...  I'll be sharing some of it with a person I know that only feeds his birds seed and, only once in a while, fresh foods.  Every time I have extra food of any kind, I call him up and give it to him because I feel so bad for his birds (as well as most other birds on this island - but that's another story).  He said he has so many (!!!) that anything other than seed is a "treat" for them.  So I hope his birds enjoy this bread and some other overabundant goodies I'll be giving him.


  1. Man that looks good! Douglas and Kyoko would be all over that, haha!

    1. I do wish my boys were better eaters! The fact that I have to stuff my bread full of seeds just to get them to go NEAR it is sad. LOL